The Battle of Plattsburgh

On September 11, America Changed Forever... September 11 of 1814.

Based on the true story of one of the most improbable victories in American military history. How could an army of farmers, volunteers, renegades, and even children turn back the most powerful navy in the world?

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Driven By Love

Not Always Pretty. But It’s Beautiful.

The true story of Jordyn Osburn, a young woman who responds to God’s love by choosing to live a life of love. Her desire is to provide a version of heaven on earth for those least likely to find it. The journey is messy and mostly thankless, but the difficulties help to sculpt her into a person of greatness.

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Forbidden Speech

What You Can’t Say Will Hurt You.

Synopsis: Inspired by a true story, a high school valedictorian is banned from quoting the Bible in his graduation speech, leading to a watershed moment in the free speech debate, which could have ripple effects for decades to come.

Richard & Sabina – A Love Story

A Love Story With Each Other, God... and the Nazis.

The story of how a young atheist couple became so committed to Jesus Christ they even showed the love of God to the invading Nazi’s…even the Nazi soldier who murdered Sabina’s parents, sisters, and brother.

Frontier Boys II: Long Gone

They’re History.

The Frontier Boy’s adventures continue as Brent’s deadbeat father re-enters his life at the worst possible time – just as he is pitching to lead his baseball team to a state championship. Long Gone is an explosive blend of action, excitement, and faith to inspire audiences around the world.

Frontier Boys III: Ice Cold


The Frontier Boys’ adventures continue as Jed Bracken accepts an invitation to join the USA Junior Hockey team for an Eastern European tour. The only witness to a murder Jed is on the run in a strange land.and desperate for help, until he reaches out for help from people who share his faith--but not his language.

Holiday Dracula

This Year, Why Not Transylvania?

A down-on-their-luck American couple stakes their last hope on opening a family-friendly B&B called the Bran-Stone in the shadows of Bran’s Castle in Transylvania.

The Sheeps

Cartoon Series

Meet The Sheeps – Listen with the kids as Virgil and Glenda regale their grandkids with ever-so-slightly-exaggerated stories of the heroics of great sheep in Biblical history. Sing, dance, and enjoy this hilarious tour of the history of the Bible.

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Married & Kicking

Game Show

Think The Newlywed Game – only for couples who’ve been married to each other for at least 25 years. You’d think we’d know each other pretty well by now. You’d be wrong! Three couples compete for fantastic trips, and for laughs.

Could You Do Your Great Grandfather’s Job?

Reality Show

Have computer programs, diet drinks, and auto-pilot just stripped men of their manliness? When a group of modern desk-jockeys are given the opportunity to explore the kind of work their own great grandfathers did, they learn to appreciate their own heritage along with their own careers.

Restaurant Rip-Off

Reality Show

Three amusing and aspiring chefs visit some of the most unique restaurants in the world as they compete in a season-long competition. At each restaurant they are served the signature dish of the house. They then have 24 hours to try and recreate it. The chef picks the winners. Watch as they shop, cook, cheat, and bribe their way to victory.

The Frontier Boys

The game meant everything. Until now.

The story of four high school boys whose undefeated basketball season and friendship are threatened after a drive-by shooting leaves one of them in a coma and one of them with a secret.

Genre: Drama
Director: John Grooters
Awards: Winner of 12 National & International Awards for Best Feature including the Crystal Dove for Best Limited Theatrical Release


American Sailors

The wind shows no favorites. Anyone can win.

American Sailors takes you on board and behind the scenes as four great skippers prepare and race their boats in the longest and oldest freshwater race in the world.

Genre: Broadcast Documentary
Director: John Grooters
Partner: Sea Spray Productions
Awards: Grand Rapids Film Festival Best Documentary | Orlando Film Festival Official Selection


The Frontier Boys: Explore

Bible Study Video Curriculum

The Frontier Boys Explore is a seven-session, interactive, video-driven Bible Study that gives high school students the opportunity to explore six aspects of the Christian faith.

Director: John Grooters
Awards: ICVM Bronze Best Curriculum


Our Mission

Ferocious Films roars through the powerful voice of media entertainment by telling stories through narrative film and documentaries that are released internationally in theaters, via television broadcast, distributed digitally and/or direct to DVD.

Under the leadership of director John Grooters Ferocious Films' sister company, Grooters Productions, has been partnering with commercial and faith based organizations to tell their stories over fifteen years on six continents. Ferocious Films’ is an outgrowth of the creative and technical talent developed by Grooters' team whose collective mission is to reveal the beauty of Christ to the world through excellent media.